Well, I officially suck. I missed the boat on this week’s what I’m diggin. But, I had too many awesome quotes to let this week’s quoteables pass me by. Without further ado,

“don’t make me beat you with a baking pan”

“Oriental?! I’m not a rug”-Crazian

“seriously. It’s just facebook”-Sis

“the paintbrush was gonna do the dirty work for me”-Enzo

“you don’t like cinnamon?! But you’re Mexican!!!”-Lames

“Come on, “your vagina gave you away” was pretty strong”-Weak

“All I plan on smelling is margaritas and maybe your vomit”-Eww

“Guess I thought as long as I stayed away from Michael buble I wasn’t an old lady”-Cuz

“Baby, baby, baby…..ohhhhh”-Gaythan

“Pain is weakness leaving the body.”-Don Ready,The Goods (If you haven’t seen this movie, watch it, IMMEDIATELY!!! And, you’re welcome.)

“everything’s legal..til you get caught.”-Popsicle

My dad could really use his own post of quotables. He’s THAT awesome.


This Week’s Quoteables

“weeeee! look at what this sugar’s doing to me!!!!”-Sugared up bestie

“we are none of us perfect. That’s what makes us great”

“If you put in half the amount of effort in keeping something as you did getting it, you would never lose it”- E DuB

“phuh-nominal! The irony of being in a boxing ring is not lost on me”-Britney-Big Bro

“When I called earlier, it was on accident. My booty wanted to talk to ya”-Sis(rather, sis’ booty)

“you gotta give your eviction speech lookin like a bootleg orphan annie”-Enzo-Big Bro

“we didnt bring anything for the baby to sleep in, besides a trashcan”-Bethenny

“I got outta there just as Douche-a-palooza was starting”-Queenism

“this is the shirt, before the shirt”-Situation

“your life is defined by its opportunities…even the ones you miss”-Benjamin Button

“Good thing im here to protect you”-me

What are some of your favorite quotes from the week?

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear them!!!

Have a great weekend, yall!!