What What?!

This week’s quoteables:

“Don’t get it twisted! I’m gangsta.”-The most NOT gangsta person I know

“I just wanna date everybody”-Chief

“It’s like bootleg lettuce. I’m not eating it.”-Enzo-Big Bro

“I do not support this. He is bad for you. He is the Sam Ronson to your LiLo”-oh cuz

“Once upon a time starts right now”-Farouq-Master Chef

“FAIL is the bar we are at serves drinks in like, 7-11 big gulp cups”-Queenism

“I’m the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island..with what ass?!”-JWoww-Jersey Shore

“26 hours seems like such a long time not to talk”-NAB

“I just bear hugged the shit outta you-Rob D.-Fantasy Factory

“If by talkin you mean, dogs barking and vomit tales”- I am so profound…except, not really. 🙂

Have a great weekend!




This is my first post in a new series I’ll be posting each Friday. I am surrounded by humor in my life. From my parents, my friends, television and the interwebs. This post will have all the quotables I felt were worthy of sharing from the past week. Names have been left out to protect the offenders 😉

“Listening to the Adam Corolla podcast with Manchester Orchestra as his guest. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate…” -bringin the mush

“What?!?! I see Brandi’s picture. I got snubbed on sweets again? I’ve filed for divorce…ull be getting papers soon” -my friend, going to extreme for sweets

“A-He should wear pads in his armpits.
J- Yeah! Like sweat pads?
A- No!!! Like, vagina pads!!!!” -a discussion on the Bachelorette’s Roberto and his sweat issue.

“So, basically, if you’re gonna be a douche, go all the way.” -preach

“you guys are sad” -meanie

“This is that purple stuff that Raider player got busted with” -A master mixologist

“Every time she (Rachel) wears a skirt, I feel like STD’s have gone airborne” -Britney-Big Brother

“oh thank god! we both know I can’t go without food!” -spoken like a true fat kid…ok, this one was me!!! 🙂

Hope you have a great weekend!!