Big Bro-tables

Last night on Big Brother….

“I felt like Charlie in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory!”

“If we were playing Big Brother all the time, we’d have a fine relationship”

“I got something baking in the oven!”

“Room dawgs for life!”

“Why arent they wearing that robe?! You better rock it! You HOH!!”

“We can lead you to the promise land!”

“At the age of 26, you really don’t need Botox.” “27?” Nope.” “how about 30?”

“The Regulators! We’re going!”

“Turn off the lights & let me see them spots glow!”

“I need my bacon!”

“So, basically, I’m on the team full of girls.”

“What is this, space milk mountain?”

“There’s no such thing as space cows.”

“I am a sexy milkman!”

“I’m in a milky beautiful sandwich!”

“I’m like, besides myself excited”

“I felt like I was in a women’s prison fight!”

“The true mark of a princess or queen is that you can deal with anything.”

“Thank you sir! Feed me more!”

Talk on the blogs is that Keith is going home this week. Let’s see if the “Regulators” hold true to their alliance. Also, is Rachel really still yelling in the DR? I mean, really? No one told her she doesnt need to yell? Ugggh.


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