Fashion! Fashion!

It’s January in California. The weather is as unpredictable as my career choice. And all I can think about is this outfit….

It’s kinda funny. I hate the heat. Like, with a passion. Fat kids don’t enjoy any type of weather that forces us to remove layers. We love layers. Layers are our friends. That being said, I’m not a big fan of the freezing cold either. So, that leaves Spring. Here in the Central Valley, Spring is sort of a tease. She shows up to the party just long enough to tempt us with the perfect amount of sun & cool temps. Then, as fast as she showed up, she bolts. Leaving us beading with sweat and praying for her return.

Anyhoo, I want this outfit. I also want that body, but, that’s a whole ‘nother show. I don’t know that I want to wear every piece in this outfit at the same time. But, I definitely want all of it. Wanting is fun. And, it’s free. Which happens to fit perfectly in my price range. 😉 Let us dissect, shall we?

Is it just me, or do all the cool style peeps shout the same mantra every year around this time? “Bright color is in for Spring” I mean, duh! It’s not like one year they’re gonna say “dark, brooding colors are in for Spring”  Silly, fashion peeps! This jacket pretty much SCREAMS, “WADDUP, SPRING?!” I love it! It’s $80 which isnt too bad, if you’re a mellow yellow wearin kinda gal. (Wow. That sentence just happened.)

I LOVE this dress for several reasons. Wanna hear about it? Hear it goes!

1. It’s called the “Tonight’s Gonna Be A GRAPE Night” dress. How freaking catchy & awesome is that?! Take that Black Eyed Peaazys!

2. The scaley looking rows remind me of my hot pink &  black L.A Gears from 5th grade! Whaaat?! An LA Gear reference?! Betcha didn’t see that one coming. (Ya Welcome)

Boo to the yeah!

3. The sizing says “runs small please size up”  HAH!

So, it’s basically the coolest purple people eater dress that I will never be able to wear & yet, I swoon!

Purple. Knee. Highs. Nuff said.

These are some sexy beasts! A 5.5 inch heel?! Hel-lo!!! Per my last Fashion Friday post, you & I both know I will never purchase these shoes. But damnit, thems some fine lookin footwear!

Now we’re talking my tall ass language! These flats are freaking awesome! And they’re only $28 bucks. Mere chump change compared to the $130 for those yellow eff me heels.

All of these awesome additions to your wardrobe can be found at ModCloth!



I love flats. I found 2 pairs of super cute flats at Target this week. I paid $11. Total. God love Target.

What are your Fashion Finds for the week?

Have a great weekend!

Peace and Love



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