Happy New Year!!! I hope you are all prepared to have a safe & happy new year!!! No resolutions for me. I’m just hoping to do 3-4 posts a week on this blog: Monday’s morsels, Crafty Wednesday & Fashion Friday! Occasionally, I hope to post a What I’m Diggin on Sundays. What do you guys think? Did you like the “what i’m diggin” on Wednesdays?  Do you have any new year’s resolutions? I have so many questions! 🙂

Fashion Friday
Inside of me is a skinny, fashionable shopaholic who’s been searching for the perfect pair of over the knee boots for the last 4 months. Fortunately, for both of us, that skinny girl is hidden way, deep down inside of me! Otherwise, I’d buy these boots…


They are Shirley Frye Over-The-Knee Riding Boots and they are heavenly. They are also $450!! Which is not even close to being in this not skinny girls budget. So, I’m on the hunt for some boots that I don’t have to spend a months worth of groceries on…..I have been scouring the web & I found these:

They are from Charlotte Russe. Also, they’re only $40!!! They’re also having a shoe sale right now, buy one pair get the next for $15! I’m thinking these are pretty stinkin cute for $15!!

According to my calculations, in these shoes I would be approx. 8 feet tall. That’s normal…right?! These would be perfect to wear with the pair of pajama jeans i just ordered!! Kidding…..ish. 😉

What Winter fashion purchases have you made??

Happy New Year!! Have a great weekend!!





One thought on “FASHION FRIDAY

  1. I like your style! And by the way, tell that fat kid inside you that you don’t need to look like a toothpick to be fashionable. You’ve always had great taste and you are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are!

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