What I’m Diggin(or The Jankys!!) in 2010!!!

If i were Oprah, this would be my Favorite Things episode.  I’d give you all some ridiculously awesome gadgets and maybe, probably, since I love y’all so much, a car. But, I’m not Oprah. So, all you get is this lousy t-shirt, I mean, blog post.  It’s what I was diggin (and probably still am) in 2010! I love each thing so much, I’m giving it my own award, The Janky! 🙂


MOD FAM!!! Holy crap I love this show! From flash mobs to hawaiian vacations, this family reminds us all that dysfunction is relative. See what I did there? Cause they’re related?! Hehe! 🙂


Angus & Julia Stone I have been listening to this brother & sister duo from Australia all year! I love their mellow sound. Both of their voices are awesome! Check out Draw Your Swords (one of my fave songs)


My favorite app from this year has to be the Flixster app! I LOVE this app. I can check out trailers and reviews of newly released movies, see when and where they’re playing & buy tickets. I can pretty much do everything except buy the popcorn. Which sucks cuz I hate those ridiculously long lines! It’s like, i just paid $5o bucks to see this movie AND i have to wait in line to give you MORE money?! I also love the DVD side to this app. It shows newly released DVD’s & allows you to add them to your Netflix queue! Not to mention it shows the Rotten Tomato ratings for all the movies! The best part about this app? It’s FREEEEEE!!


Aside from my clear faves, Twitter & Facebook, here are some other sites I spend a lot of time on…that wasn’t meant to seem creepy.

Amazon.com. I know, kinda lame. This year I discovered some cool parts to Amazon that were new to me! Their mp3 section, is one of them! For the whole week leading up to Black Friday, they blew out a ton of albums for super cheap!!! The other section I dig on the site is the Magazines. Each week they have a sweet deal on a different mag!!

Fred Flare. This site has ample amounts of bacon and mustaches. What more do you need?!


My faves from the blogosphere

I love Joy. She bakes. She’s funny.

PiNT. Is. Awesome.


Fresno Beehive, will you be my Valentine? The Beehive is the place for all things fresyes! It rocks!!!


This is the Urban Decay Naked Palette. It is the holy grail of makeup. (yes. yes. I went there.) It has been impossible to get your hands on for the last 5 months. It is now available at ULTA!!! Guess where I’m going today?!?!?

I still want these. Bad!

And this. They will be mine. Oh, yes. They will be mine!!!


I’m pretty sure I’m in love with Jessica @ How Sweet It Is This love affair began in June with these Peanut Butter Bacon Blondies and has been going strong ever since! ❤ ❤ ❤


Dear 2010, nothing personal but, I’m over you. HELLO 2011!!! I’m leaving 2010 behind and giving you all my heart! Please be gentle with it!!! So, let’s start this year long relationship on the right foot, with obscene amounts of champagne and tamales! Cheers to you 2011!!

I hope you all have had a wonderful year! What were some of your faves this year?? Start the new year right, lots of champagne and a designated driver!! 🙂

peace and love,


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