What I’m Diggin Wednesday

Well friends, it’s time for another look at all the stuff I’m diggin on this week! How’s your Holiday season going? I’m getting excited for Christmas! And even more so for my birthday! (Which happens to be 2 days after Christmas…if you don’t know, now you know!!) 🙂 Let’s do this!!


You HAVE to watch the Sing Off You just have to. Its not just a cappella. It’s a mazing. Yep. I did it.  Not enough for you? Make a drinking game out of it! Every time Nick Lachey says, “I’m Nick Lachey”, take a chug. By the end of the show, you’ll have a sweet buzz! You. Are. Welcome.

PS Committed FTW!!! (that means “for the win”, in case you aren’t down)


I know. What the F is wrong with me?! Cee Lo? Really, Janice? Yes. Really. This song is catchy as hell. This is the “edited” version. After the last comments about my swearing, there was no way i was gonna post the “real” song on here. What can I say? Im a mommas girl. But for everyone but my momma, check out the real jam. It’s super explicit..and super awesome! 🙂


Angry Birds Seasons. This game is so ridculously addictive! If you have an iphone and havent played this game, I’m jealous cuz that means you still have a life! LUCKY!!! PS I found the perfect gift for the Angry Birds addict in your life, check these out!!


This is a pretty sweet stocking stuffer. It’s a watch band for the nano 6th generation. I would also need a nano 6th gen in my stocking to be able to use this. But it’s not always about me…ish.


This might be my biggest “want” all year. It’s a TALKING BACON!!! it says “I’m bacon!” This want could only bigger if, in addition to “I’m bacon!” it said, “I’m awesome!”


3 words: Candy Cane Kisses. Go buy them. LOTS of them. NOW!!!!


Christmas Tree what? Oh no party people! This is the new gen of Christmas lights! There are several houses in town that have synced their lights to music and it is freaking awesome!!! Check out this page at the Beehive for all the details! Do yourself a favor and see em all!!!

Have a great rest of your week!

Peace and Love,



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