What I’m Diggin Wednesday!

I’m snotty. And I don’t mean I think I’m better than you, snotty. I mean, I cant get outta bed cuz I’m surrounded by tissue boxes and cold medicine, snotty. No good. I really hope your week is better than mine (fingers crossed!) I did find the time to part from my snot blowing activities to write this post. You’re welcub. (said in nasal, sick girl voice)


I love this show and I don’t care who knows. Its funny. You should watch it. “Penny Can!!!!!!”


Bloggies, meet The Black Keys. Black Keys meet my bloggies. If you dig a little bit of blues with your rock & roll, you will dig these 2 dudes. A lot. I just copped their latest itunes sessions album & it’s hot!


ESPN ScoreCenter App. This app is awesome. It gives you all the scores & highlights of that day’s games. It  lets you pick “favorite” teams *& sends you score updates when those teams are playing. Best part about it? It’s FREE!!! 🙂


Have I ever told you about Natalie Slater? She’s the bad ass baking mama behind Bake & Destroy She freaking rocks. If you’ve never heard of her blog, you should totally check it! PS She has some awesome gear in her shop. Like some sweet vinyl Bake & Destroy stickers that would look pretty kick ass on a certain someone’s kitchenaid mixer!!!  (this girl!!!!)


My Baking Addiction is a really sweet blog. Jamie writes really awesome recipes! Like this pic of her Mini Pumpkin Tiramisu! Yum!! She’s hosting an awesome Holiday Recipe Exchange from now until the end of the year. You should check it out!


They’re pink. They’re glittery. They’re TOMS. Need I say more???


Clearly, pumpkin & I have a thing going on. A pretty wonderful thing. This is from Sweet Pea’s Kitchen A blog I only recently found. But am TOTALLY diggin. I cant wait to try this!! YUM!!!!


Stupid Colds. I am not a fan of you. You are a ruiner. Please go away. Far. Far. Away. Thank. You.

Hope y’all have a great week (of not being sick!)

Peace and Love,


4 thoughts on “What I’m Diggin Wednesday!

  1. sorry to hear you’re sick…try to stay down and get better quick! thanks for sharing those blogs, I love looking through baking blogs and you always find the best ones!!

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