Well, I officially suck. I missed the boat on this week’s what I’m diggin. But, I had too many awesome quotes to let this week’s quoteables pass me by. Without further ado,

“don’t make me beat you with a baking pan”

“Oriental?! I’m not a rug”-Crazian

“seriously. It’s just facebook”-Sis

“the paintbrush was gonna do the dirty work for me”-Enzo

“you don’t like cinnamon?! But you’re Mexican!!!”-Lames

“Come on, “your vagina gave you away” was pretty strong”-Weak

“All I plan on smelling is margaritas and maybe your vomit”-Eww

“Guess I thought as long as I stayed away from Michael buble I wasn’t an old lady”-Cuz

“Baby, baby, baby…..ohhhhh”-Gaythan

“Pain is weakness leaving the body.”-Don Ready,The Goods (If you haven’t seen this movie, watch it, IMMEDIATELY!!! And, you’re welcome.)

“everything’s legal..til you get caught.”-Popsicle

My dad could really use his own post of quotables. He’s THAT awesome.


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