What I’m Diggin Wednesday

Another week is half over. I hope y’all are finding ways to stay cool (both from the heat, & just, ya know, being cool, in general!) Here’s what I’m diggin:


Master Chef is not just ANOTHER cooking show. It’s got everyday peeps like you and me. Fox is smart. They are showing us these people and they’re stories so we can gain an emotional connection to them. It’s working. I am so into this show. Gordon Ramsay is such an ass. I love it!


Angel Taylor. I Saw her perform on Ellen last year. Last week, my Sis told me about her Kings of Leon cover. So, I bought her EP and I LOVE it. She’s got this really soulful, soothing voice. She is a must listen!!


Two words. Angry. Birds. Ive heard about this game for awhile now. Last week i finally downloaded it. Holy. Crap. Can you say addiction??!! Most of you iphone users should know about this game by now. if you didnt, you are welcome. Its more addicting than any other game i have. So, beware. The idea of the game is simple,  help a flock of angry birds rescue their eggs from a bunch of evil pigs by firing themselves into structures where the pigs are hiding. Guess what angry bird fans? Word on the street is this game will soon be available on the DS, PSP, and PS3!!! So awesome!!!


Have you seen the Magazine section on Amazon.com? Well, aside from the pretty sweet deals they have on mags, like, all the time, every week they feature a pretty popular mag subscription for only $5!!!! It’s awesome! The deal changes every Monday! So, it does give us at least 1 thing to look forward when the dreaded day rolls around! 🙂


I dont know if you know this, but we Fresnans are on the verge of an out-and-out burger war! Eureka Burger will open its doors next week. Followed by Five Guys Burgers & Fries in the old Johnny Rockets spot. I dont know bout you, but I say “bring it you beef wielding assassins of the night!”  (yeah. that just happened.) I am all for more quality burger joints here in the ‘no. I am anxious to try both Eureka and Five Guys. They seem pretty different.  Eureka seems to promote a more formal dining experience with its “Gourmet Burgers and Craft Beer” as opposed to Five Guys’ more fast & casual approach. I cant wait!! I hereby throw down the onion ring shaped gauntlet and say “Release the Hamburger Kraken!”

(thanks to the Beehive for the heads up on this crazy battle royale…with cheese (UGH!!! I cant help myself!!! I am ridiculous with the buns, i mean puns! Puns!!!)


This is the CakeWich cake mold. It makes a cake shaped like a sandwich. I want it. Need I say more?


In case you missed it, I made these. And (I’m totally telling you what to do here) You must make them too. Here’s the link. Go now!!!


Because I’m a word nerd. And, because Amazon just released the Kindle for a ridiculous price, this week’s Knuckle Me goes to Books!!! Told ya I’m a nerd. I mean, $140 for an e-reader?! Thats just insane! If you like to read, and don’t yet have a Kindle, what are you waiting for?! Seriously. This thing is worth its weight in gold. And at that price they are practically giving it away! I love books. Always have. So, i guess I’m a little partial. Now if only they could start making those Choose-your-own adventures again!!! Get on that, someone in the literary world!!

Have a great rest of the week, yall!

Peace and Love,


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