What I’m Diggin Wednesday

It’s What I’m Diggin, what?! It’s What I’m Diggin, what?! It’s What I’m Diggin!!!!  Let’s do this!


This is Adam. He’s pretty much got a dream job. He drives around the country in search of the most unique desserts. I hate him & love him at the same time. The show is Kid In A Candy Store. I want to be a kid in a candy store, daddy! (I want the world. I want the whole world….)It’s on the Food Network on Mondays. So, if you happen to be looking for me on Monday evenings, I’ll be in front of my TV. Drooling, no doubt. If  you are into sweets, this is the show for you! I have already added a couple cities to my list of places to visit, purely for their sweet shoppes. (Thats normal, right?!)


This is Tyrone Wells. I already loved him before I heard this song. Now, I love him more. LOTS more. (Thx sis!!)


This is the Flight Control iphone app. Let me warn you, it is ADDICTIVE. VERY. if you thought i was on my phone a ton before…this game has pretty much married me to it.  You are an air traffic controller. It sounds odd, i know. But, trust me on this one. You want this game in your life. Trust me.


Tosh.0 Blog

I know I highlighted Tosh.0 the show a few weeks ago. But the blog is pretty effin sweet too! I find almost all my comedic relief for the day from this blog. It’s not Tosh himself doing the blogging, but, a couple other super funny peeps show you all the crazy daily comedy that surfaces from the interwebs. This blog is def a fave of mine!! Check it out. It will at the very least make you chuckle, I GAR-ON-TEE!! (cajun cook anyone?!)


I had a sandwich last week. And I’ve been wanting that sandwich everyday since. The sandwich? A cheesesteak from Full o Bull in Clovis. Full o Bull not only has such delicious subs, It holds a little nostalgia. (I remember walking to it during my junior high days with my fave teach on the planet. Mack Daddy, Daddy Mack, V. Webb.) I digress, I was on my way to my girl Amie’s to chill and was trying to figure out a place to grab lunch. I suggested Full o Bull and she was on board. I hadnt had a sub from here in a VERY long time. Man, it was all i remember and SO much more! Good quality meat, yummy bread, and I even got extra cheese and wax peppers at no additional charge! Two thumbs up for that!! If it’s been awhile, or (gasp) you’ve never tried, give Full o Bull, a try!  Buy Local! 🙂


Obvs. I am a little obsessed with ‘staches. I want these. I want to have a mustache party. Anyone? Anyone?


If I’m going to have a ‘stache party. I’m going to need eats. duh. These ‘stache candy molds will do just the trick!! I cant wait to try these out! Party! Mustache Party!


BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOW! This week’s Knuckle Me goes to buns in the ovens! BABIES! So, far, 3 of my fave people  will be introducing their own mini-me’s into this world! It seems like everyone I know, knows of at least a few of their own friends that are expecting. Is this a baby boom? Or am I just getting old??? Either way, I am so excited to meet all these little peeps! And I am SO happy for my friends! Congrats to all of you future parents out there! Now, let’s go have some hang time before those little gifts steal you away from me…forever!  😉

Have a great rest of your week!

Peace and Love,



2 thoughts on “What I’m Diggin Wednesday

  1. you are way funny janice! love reading your blog! BTW tried the goldfish smores b/c of you! love them. and just in case what i’m diggin is pretzel m&m’s can’t get enough! 😉

    • Thanks Sarah! Glad you enjoy it! Also, I LOVE me some pretzel m&m’s they are so yummy!!! cant wait to bake with them!!

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