This is my first post in a new series I’ll be posting each Friday. I am surrounded by humor in my life. From my parents, my friends, television and the interwebs. This post will have all the quotables I felt were worthy of sharing from the past week. Names have been left out to protect the offenders 😉

“Listening to the Adam Corolla podcast with Manchester Orchestra as his guest. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate…” -bringin the mush

“What?!?! I see Brandi’s picture. I got snubbed on sweets again? I’ve filed for divorce…ull be getting papers soon” -my friend, going to extreme for sweets

“A-He should wear pads in his armpits.
J- Yeah! Like sweat pads?
A- No!!! Like, vagina pads!!!!” -a discussion on the Bachelorette’s Roberto and his sweat issue.

“So, basically, if you’re gonna be a douche, go all the way.” -preach

“you guys are sad” -meanie

“This is that purple stuff that Raider player got busted with” -A master mixologist

“Every time she (Rachel) wears a skirt, I feel like STD’s have gone airborne” -Britney-Big Brother

“oh thank god! we both know I can’t go without food!” -spoken like a true fat kid…ok, this one was me!!! 🙂

Hope you have a great weekend!!



One thought on “Wha-Wha-Whaaaat?!!

  1. One of my favs was:
    “I’m really going to miss hanging out in the backyard talking with you…about…how high waisted Kristen’s pants are…how skanky Rachel is dressing everyday, how annoying her laugh is and all the things we could do with her hair extensions:(“

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