What I’m Diggin Wednesday

It’s been a hot week. And by hot I mean, bake cookies in your car kinda hot. It’s gross. But, we live in this lovely Central Valley, so, I won’t complain. I’ll just blog about it instead 🙂

What’s I’ms Diggins:


My name is Janice and I’m a Big Brother-aholic. I love it! I watch the Live shows, thrice weekly, AND, when my friend Amie will let me, I watch Big Brother After Dark. A 3 hour long snoozefest of the houseguests doing nothing, pretty much. Yet, for some reason, I cant stop watching it. This show is awesome. I’ve watched ALMOST every season. Each year it starts out slow, then, right around this time, the 2 week mark, the gloves come off. It’s full of drama, comedy, lies, and backstabbing. All that you would expect from a great TV show! If you havent seen it in awhile, I recommend giving it the old lookey-loo tonight. I have it on good authority that there will be lots of drama for yo mama, and you!


This is Lisa Scinta. I don’t know much about her. Except that she’s AWESOME!! I found her on YouTube awhile ago and have really been diggin her covers this week!! They are all awesome. I love the soul in her voice. She’s currently working on an EP. Check out her website here If you join her fan club you can check out her live weekly jam sessions. Pretty effin sweet! Rock on Lisa!!


So, in case you happen to be reading this and don’t really know me (which would be awesome, by the way!!) I am kind of a HUGE word nerd. And, sort of a nerd, in general. But, I really love me some words!! Also, I love words put together and bound for my reading pleasure. MMMM…books. This app is awesome. Not only does it have a word of the day, it has a thesaurus and dictionary right there at your fingertips! And, its free! Yay words!!


oh, Tumblr, how I ❤ you! I think I covered my affection for Tumblr on here awhile ago. Well, It’s back!  I’ve really been diggin it lately! For those of you that don’t know about Tumblr, it’s similar to Twitter in concept except you arent limited to 140 characters. You can follow other peoples blogs and reblog things they post. It’s a quick and easy way to blog. Great for peeps that are just startin out!! Rookies!!! Check it out! My tumblr!!! I mean, if you wanna.


Are you on Twitter? (If you arent, we need to have a serious talk. No, seriously!) Are you in Fresno? If you answered yes to both of these, I had better see you at The Great Fresno Tweetup 2! It’s tomorrow night. It involves $5, a Fresno Grizzlies game, $1 beers, and finally putting a face to all those awesome peeps you’ve been following on Twitter, except Gary Busey. He won’t be there. But, I will!!! Come out and me up with some cool tweeps!! Yeah, i said it.  Did I mention our “tweetdeck” section will be at the Pool in Chukchansi Park? Did I mention we will have our OWN beer line? yeah, thats happening!! For more deets check out the Beehive! They’ve got the answers to all your questions! No, really, ALL of your questions! See you tomorrow tweeple!! (ok, ok, I’ll stop! Sorry! But, i just had to get one more pun in there!)


I want this. I want if for baking yummy goodness. I want it because it will create perfectly shaped cookies. But, the real reason i want it? It’s called a Muffin Top Pan…..And, scene.


These are goldfish. Not just ANY goldfish. These are S’MORES goldfish!! They are a trio of chocolate, honey and  marshmallow shaped goldfish.  These things are little pieces of S’mores heaven. Trust me when i say, that little bag is deceiving. If you are not careful, whilst watching your fave show, Big Brother, you might accidentally on purpose, put away a whole bag…in one sitting. I mean, at least, that’s what i’ve heard anyway…..


This week’s Knuckle me goes to Air Conditioning! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! I seriously don’t know how I would’ve made it through the last week without you, A/C! Can I call you that? I feel, we’ve shared so many treacherously hot days, that I can call you that. Thank you for being there for me, allowing me to stay indoors and enjoy your cool air as it blasts through my vents and I motor around the streets of this hellishly hot town. Yes, thank you CAR A/C. You make getting from point A to point B so much less intolerable these days. Sorry, HOME A/C, but for reasons beyond my control, we just havent seen enough of each other, and so, I cannot in good faith give you a knuckle me this week. But, you, Car A/C, you definitely have earned it! So, KNUCKLE ME!!!! Here’s to an early Fall!!! (Fingers and toes crossed)

Have a great week y’all!!

Peace and Love,


2 thoughts on “What I’m Diggin Wednesday

  1. I was going to post a nice long comment about everything I loved and hated about your blah blah blog…then I remember what happened the last time I poured my heart out to your blog. I’m still getting over the devastation.
    But, in order to make you happy…here is my contribution.

    Yep. That was it.


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