What I’m Diggin Wednesday

Hey Y’all!! Hope everyone had a spectacular celebration of our independence, or as I like to call it, drink till you feel like lighting shit on fire…day. Now, let’s get into What I’m Diggin, shall we??

Ok, so, I’m just gonna come right out and say it. Denis Leary is HOT!!! Im not sure when this happened. I used to think of him as an Irish Andrew Dice Clay. Chain Smoking and repulsive. Then this show started and, i dont know, maybe its the whole fireman thing, but, Get It Denis Leary! This show is amazing. I remember watching the first season, 6 years ago, I’ve been watching ever since! This show is definitely DVR Season Pass worthy! Trust me!!!

Can’t Stop Listening to: The Gaslight Anthem They are pretty wicked awesome. I really love their sound. It’s like Springsteen meets punk rock. Im pretty much loving it right now. Check out this joint from their latest album, then go buy it, immediately.

Appsolutely: (Highlighting some of my fave apps from the app store for the iphone)


This app only works on the iphone 4 So, if you don’t have one, i apologize for all this awesomeness. imovie, basically, allows you to clip together video and photos from your phone to form a movie. you can also add music from your ipod (which i love!)  Here is my 2nd attempt at movie making. I’ve yet to attempt with video, but I cant wait! It is awesome!!

Fres-Now You Know:


$3 Make you holla!! Dude, the $3 movies are the shiz! I love them. I remember going to the movies here when i was young. We used to make my mom drop us off WAY early. Then we’d walk over to Clothestime and check out the clothes (even though we never bought anything there), followed by that little popcorn shop that used to be right next door to the theatre. They had like 50 different kinds of flavored popcorn! It was awesome!  If you can hold off on watching a movie for a few weeks after its release, this place is for you! Want an even better deal? Go on Tuesday and popcorn’s only $1!!! Sneak in your drinks and candy, and you get away with a movie AND popcorn for only $4!! (yes, i told you to sneak in stuff. Times are tough y’all! Dont act like you dont do it!!) Now, if you havent been here before (and really, if you are from here and havent been, there IS something wrong with you) I want to warn you. This theatre is old. There is no stadium seating. The chairs dont lean like a cholo. It may or may not even have cupholders in the armrest. Look, its $3. Quit your bitchin & enjoy the movie!!!


That, my friends, is a mustache snow globe. I want one. I want 5. I just want. It is pretty much the awesomest thing I’ve seen in awhile. Its only $12 bucks, so, I figure, you can take that $$ you saved by going to the $3 movie and buy me one of these. Or 5. Please and thank you.


It’s hot. I want ice cream. Not that Coldstone 12 bucks for one scoop. I want the kind my dad used to make in the summer months. Out of an ice cream maker that was wooden on the outside with a metal bucket inside. We would pick fresh blackberries from our garden and dump them in with a buttload of salt. More salt than i had ever seen before. Then we would wait. Now, Kitchen Aid has an attachment that hooks up to your mixer. And in 25 minutes, you have ice cream just like daddy used to make! So, I’ll be whipping up some ice cream soon! Recipes to follow!!


This week’s knuckle me goes to a very deserving LA Superior Courts! For dropping the hammer on LiLo. (yep. I called her that. Clearly, I have been gettin a little too much Perez Hilton!) I mean, really. By her reaction, I think its safe to say, she really did think she was above the law! Well, guess what little missy? OJ Simpson you are not! I almost felt bad for her. Almost. Her shock seemed pretty genuine. Im hoping those days (lets face it, it will prob only be 5 or so) shes in the slammer, she reflects, gets her hair braided (be honest, anything would be an improvement from what shes got going on now!!) regrets her decision to get her lips plumped ( EWWW. what is wrong with these young women? I just dont get it!) and maybe finds a new lady friend..Either way. Its high time someone slapped her with some reality. So, heres to you LA SuperioR Courts! Knuckle Me!!!!!!

Hope y’all have a wonderful rest of your week!

Peace and Love,



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