What I’m Diggin Wednesday

Happy Wednesday y’all! Hope this post finds you having a kick ass week! (As opposed to an ass kicking week. That would be bad…and painful) I’m looking forward to my weekend full of Family, Fun, Food..and other words that start with F… It’s World Cup time…do you care? I do and I’ll tell you why. Two words…D. Beck. So dreamy! I may be getting old, but I really dont know how (or why) I got up so early 4 years ago.was it… to listen to the droning of those damned vuvu-whatever they’re calleds? Probs not. To listen to the sweet accents of the commentators? Maybe. Was it to see the yummy D. Beck? DING DING DING!!! Jackpot! There isnt much I wouldnt do, including dragging my sleepy ass out of bed, to see that man….if only he were actually playing…now im getting greedy!  Heeeeere’s what I’m diggin:


Yep! That’s right! The Big Red Balls are back! On Tuesday of last week! Wipeout returned! And with 12 new obstacles, it’s sure to have us laughing even more! I can’t wait! This show is so hilarious! The lengths at which people will jump/fling/hurl abuse themselves for $50K amazes me! My personal fave is the  punch wall! Nothin like seein suckas get punched..in the face!! Call me sadistic, but, I love seeing all these peeps fling themselves around like monkey dung..(too much?) and if you’re like me, you will love it too!

Blog O’ the Week:

Groupon This website is awesome! If you havent heard of Groupon, it is pretty effin sweet. Every weekday they have a new deal from a local business. The deals are all at LEAST 50% off the retail price. So far, I’ve purchased a pedicure, grizzlies tickets and a red carpet car wash all for SUPER cheap…So cheap, in fact, you almost feel bad for getting such a deal…almost! Go check it out!!

Gary Busey on Twitter
Let’s face it, Gary Busey has always been a freakshow. Hes a trainwreck. A horrible accident on the side of the freeway that you just cant help but stop texting to rubberneck at. Now, you can have the freakshow that is Gary Busey at your fingertips. He’s on twitter! And, people, he does NOT disappoint! His comedic levels of inappropriateness are enough to make you cringe and laugh…at the same time. Its bad. Its disgusting. Its awesome! Trust me, you DON’T want to miss this!!!

WANT: Back in the day, I used to have this watch thing. It all started with a Swatch and kind of never stopped from there. Then, it took a break and I was perfectly content with my “work watch” and my “fancy watch”. Well, It’s BAAAACK! The Watch Bug has hit me again..and i REALLY want this watch! Its a Nixon. It’s Digital. AND, AND, AND, its PINK!!!!!!!!! I love me some pink stuff!!!

Fres-Now You Know:

Picture Fresno I am so cutting edge, I am telling you about something awesome in Fresno that hasnt even started yet!! It’s Picture Fresno! Each week,  members of the community submit photos that fit a given a theme or challenge, & a panel of judges selects a weekly favorite! I will SO be doing this! You should too! Click the link to follow them on twitter! Or, check out their facebook fan page, here! I can’t wait!!


4th of July food!! This yummy Flag cake couldnt be an easier way to add a little red, white, and blue to your 4th festivites! Just frost your favorite cake with vanilla frosting. (I NEVER condone canned frosting. Use a cake mix, if you MUST. But DO NOT use canned frosting! Leave a comment if you need a quick and delicious frosting recipe!) Then use 50 blueberries to create your “Stars”. Halve approx. 40 strawberries and use them to create your stripes. And, VOILA! An American Flag Cake! (use this pic as your guide if you need to…That’s what I’ll be doing! Shh! Dont tell! 😉

KNUCKLE ME: This week’s knuckle me goes to Apple. And since, its Opposites Day, by knuckle me, I really mean, Slap in tha Face!!! Apple, did you REALLY let all of us stand (and I do mean, stand) for 6 + hours (not me, of course! My cut off was 6 hours, so, the way I see it, Apple is lucky I stayed all the way till my cut off time! 😛 ) in these ridiculous lines just to give us a phone that doesnt work?!?! I mean, I REALLY did just pay for a phone that has to be held at a 45 degree angle with my fingers in a certain position, with me standing on one foot, and doing the robot with my free hand just to get enough reception to play the “can you hear me now?” game…REEE DIC YOU LUS, APPLE!!!!!!!! For that, you get a SLAP IN THA FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Hump Day, yall!

Peace and Love,


2 thoughts on “What I’m Diggin Wednesday

  1. Hey cuz, You know I luv u but I CAN NOT stand by and have u hatin on my iphoney!!! You want good reception? Go get Miss Pinkie already!! a case gets rid of the antenna issues and will protect the little piece of heaven from any haters or users who do not give it the respect and gentleness it so much deserves!!
    Hugs and Raspberries

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