What I’m Diggin Wednesday!!!

It’s been awhile y’all. I have missed your smell. Ewww. So, do you even give a crap what I’m diggin? What’s that?! You do?!? HOORAY!!! Well, if you know me, (and, if you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure there’s a 100.1 % chance you do) you know I am never short on opinions, or things I’m diggin, so, here you go! And, you are welcome!! 🙂

-I know I’m a little late to give this show its due, but


It’s a show after my own heart! Dripping with sarcasm, and a fat kid!! Yay!! You should watch this show. If you wanna be cool, like me, that is.

Blog O’ The Week: John Mayer. Love him or hate him. Dude’s got things to say. Thought provoking things. Things that usually have nothing to do with his music. He digs photography. I dig him.  It’s worth you peepin. Promise.

Want: This one’s kind of a big huge DUH. but still,

It’s the iphone 4. It’s all I expected and SO much more. FACE TIME!!! Not just a phrase uttered by some old slut bag on Rock of Love anymore. Video chat is pretty freakin awesome. I cant wait. Here’s a heads up, on June 24th, I will be one of the many nerdburgers waiting in line outside the Apple store. Yep. That’s gonna happen. I suggest you get one too, otherwise I’m gonna be forced to video chat with myself..ew.

Fres-now You Know:

Fresno Beehive Its the place to go for all things Fresburg. Well, not ALL things. But def all the COOL things. Yesterday they were the first to announce that Idol winner Kris Allen will be at the Tower Theatre on June 28th. I rely on them to clue me in to the haps around town. Keep it up beehivers!


If you love sweets (if you don’t, there really is SOMETHING wrong with you.) you should check out my post from Monday. Its yummy. Beleed That!

Knuckle Me:

I’m giving myself a knuckle me this week. YAY SELF!!! I’m proud of you, self. You have managed to get back on track with the blogging! I know you (meaning me) LOVE it. And, hopefully, somebody (even if its just 1 somebody) loves it too! Welcome back, self! KNUCKLE ME!!!!!!!!!!

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