What I’m Diggin Wednesday…and a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Hey y’all! After a brief vacay from the bloggin action, I am back!! And because it’s Ash Wednesday. Because I’ve missed you so, and because the Habit is FINALLY OPEN in FIG GARDEN!!! I am doing a giveaway!! But first, you have to check out what I’m diggin!! So, let’s get straight to it!!!

Dude…how awesome is this show?!?! Seriously!! I am obsessed!!! I freakin love what a ginormous mega-bitch Glenn Close is!! She gives me somethin to strive for! 🙂 I also dig the cinematography on this show. It’s got that whole dark, vintage, cross processing that I love! (Thats more than likely, not even close to what its called. But, I like to think I’m smart like Patty Hewes)

Blog ‘o’ the week: I am in love with Aziz Ansari. He is hilarious on Parks and Rec.(pretty much, he IS the funny on Parks and Rec.) His stand up special is sooo funny. He could be my friend. I would let him. His blog is pretty funny. Considering what a busy dude he is, he updates it often, which is cool. He’s also on twitter @azizansari Check him out and chuckle. I highly recommend NOT drinking soda while watching that video. Unless you dig soda shooting through your nose, in which case, swig on my friend.


I want this. I need this. It will make me such an amazing cook. I just know it. I mean, look at it!! I think I am going to buy it for me! Yay me!!

Fres-now you know:

I recently watched the movie Food Inc. It’s a great movie. It made me feel guilty, among other things, for not appreciating all of the wonderful produce that sits literally in my backyard. I have made a decision to attend a farmers market every week for the rest of the year. I know we have a few really good ones. This one on Blackstone & Shaw is year round! Which is amazing! So, go out and buy local!!

Edibles: I made a really delicious soup yesterday. It’s called “Not yo mamas Chicken Tortilla Soup” I will post the recipe here on the blog tomorrow. If you like chicken soup, and you like spicy, this soups got your name on it! If not, “NO SOUP FOR YOU!”

KNUCKLE ME: This weeks knuckle me goes to New Orleans! With a superbowl title, and Mardi Gras all seeming to bleed into one huge party, NOLA is off the chain! I am so sad I can’t be there to celebrate. But, am so happy that the city seems to be attracting LOTS of peeps, which = lots of $$ So, to that I say KNUCKLE MEEEE!! Happy Mardi Gras y’all!!

Now, for the good stuff!!! I am so stoked that the Habit Burger is FINALLY open.  And I know that you are SERIOUSLY going to LOVE their burgers! So, I am celebrating with a giveaway!

A $20 Habit card!!!!(NO the Habit isnt sponsoring this! It’s 20 of my hard earned dollars!!)


All you have to do is answer this question “Where is your favorite place for a burger?” in the comments section of this post. Be sure to leave your name and email(I think you have to do that anyway….)

That’s it?! Thats it!



One winner will be randomly selected.

Winner will be announced, here, at NOON on Friday.

Good luck y’all!

Peace and Love,



18 thoughts on “What I’m Diggin Wednesday…and a GIVEAWAY!!!!

  1. Most underrated burger in town – Mimi’s. I promise you, the Western Burger there is as good as anywhere else in town. I only figured it out by accident, but it’s the truth.

  2. Also, Aziz Ansari has been one of my favorites since he stole the entire Scrubs franchise away from Zach Braff and Donald Faison. That dude was HILARIOUS on that show. Hard to watch without him now. Not to mention his bit – but still fantastic – role in the film Funny People. Great call!

  3. I gotta go with the standard In-N-Out, double-double w/ grilled onions – no frills. It’s comfort food for me, it always seems to put a smile on my face. The staff seem genuinely happy and I love the freshness of everything. Plus, it’s cheaper than most…

  4. I have a few (sorry to break the rules). Fat Jacks makes a great Western Burger hold the Thousand Island and add grilled onions. Cash only please. The Widow Maker at Claim Jumpers is great and huge if your hungry. Can you say Statins? For fast food I like the doubledouble animal style no produce @ In-N-Out.

  5. I like the burgers cooked at home by my hub! His burgers are amazing! I think it’s his signiature “thumbprint”. But I’m dying to try the habit! And even if I don’t win a gc…can we go on a date there?!

  6. I am a big fan of my hubby’s that he makes with the Costco sirloin burgers. But my other favorite is no longer in town. I really liked the St. Louis burger that Johnny Rockets has.

  7. my fav is homemade with those like flavored patties frm bel air, then with lettuce tomato, pickle, special sauce, cheese, sauteed mushrooms, etc..!!!
    but if wer talkn joints, then red robin, but i love the chicken burger on focashia bread with pesto smothered all over and melted cheese and roasted tomaos!! MMMM!!!!
    but if that doesn’t count as a burger cause its chicken, then ill just have to go with the bacon western cheeseburger from carls jr=) with delicious bbq sauce and onion rings!!

  8. Picture it….. me & you driving with the windows down…..cool breeze in our hair….blastin some sweet Ave Q songs…….and then we arrive……

    Morro Bay right of the 1. Marie’s Cafe…..BEST BURGERS EVA! the tables even have a lazy susen for any condiments you can imagine!

    Soooo, what time do you wanna leave?


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