I’m sick……

And it totally blows(my nose)!!!!!!!!! I had an amazing recipe drummed up in my head for this week’s monday’s morsels. And some really cool shiggity for What I’m Diggin. Instead, I am popping Zycam’s like they’re candy and going through more boxes of tissue than should be discussed in public conversation. So, for now, I leave you with this video. My friend Christian showed it to me the other night, after revealing that he’s going to be a poppa! Congrats to my Chimichanga! So happy for yoU!!!! This video should make you laugh for several reasons. A: It’s random B: It’s got a talking lizard C: It’s got a talking lizard. I mean, talking lizard’s are just plain funny. Maybe that’s the Nyquil talking! That’s all for now peeps. Hope you are all doing better than me!!

Peace and Love,



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