What I’m Diggin Wednesday & Monday’s Morsels!! Double WhammY!

So, I took a week off! So sue me! But I’m back, to let you know, I can really shake ’em down…so, here is What I’m Diggin!!

Rain! Hooray rain! I am so in love with the rain! My hair? Not so in love with the rain!

American Idol- Let’s enjoy this LAST season of Idol. I know it’s only Simon’s last season, but, lets keep it realz, the show WILL fizzle out without the sassy brit. You and I know it, Fox knows it, I bet even Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson know it, DOG!!! “Pants on the ground! Pants on the ground! Lookin like a fool wit your pants on the ground!”

Fresh & Easy!! I’ve only been to the Cedar/Nees location. But, I loved it! It’s basically like a Trader Joe’s (they have their own label) mixed with name brands we know and love. I tried their frozen Chicken Parmesan Ravioli last night! YUMMY!!!! I will be shopping there, often!!

Victoria’s Secret-Beauty Rush Mascara

I have a new BFF, its name is Beauty Rush. It was $6. I used to spend $20+ on mascara. Not no mo! This stuff rocks! You should buy some! Unless you are a dude. That would be weird.

Just Dance on the Wii.

This game is the shiz! I know there are like 800 different fitness videos for the wii, but, since I’m a fat kid, this game does the trick! I can get my sweat on while doing the “running man” to “Pump Up the Jam” or while gettin sassy to Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold”. So, as to not piss off my unused muscles, I’m thinking I’ll stick with this bad boy before I shell out another $100 to get “Fit”. You feel me??

Fres-now you know:  This is a new feature where I will highlight something I’m diggin around the ‘no!

The Habit-Burger Grill

eeeeek! Fact:  The Habit is opening exactly 1.2 miles from my house. That fact  justifies my daily walk to and from my house to gorge on their ridiculously awesome grub! My sis took me to the Habit in Roseville (or was it Rocklin?) it was better than delicious! Their burgers are made with lean beef (another fact that justifies ordering a double!!) their onion rings are on point, and they offer several vegetarian options (the reason why my sis is a fan!) On top of all that, their prices are beyond reasonable! $6 for a burger, fries and a drink?! That’s less than Carl’s! This place kinda punches IN N OUT in the face. Which is pretty freakin awesome!!!


Habit Gift Card. MMM HMM. That’s right. You should get me this. Because it’s Wednesday. Because you love me. Because I’m funny….looking. Also, because you can get it online!!! WHAT?!?! thats right. You dont even have to leave the comfort of your comfy comfness. Just click on that link up there, next to the card…and hook a sister up. I mean, if you feel like it.


Whole Wheat BBQ Chicken Pizza- From “How Sweet It Is”

I am on a pizza making kick. I purchased pizza dough at Trader Joe’s and I am going to attempt make this tomorrow night!

On the same note, How Sweet It Is is one of my fave blogs. Jessica is a personal trainer who loves butter as much as Paula Deen! She is awesome! She has some delicious recipes full of all the bad good stuff, all while tying in how important physical fitness is. But I don’t hold that last part against her 🙂 Rock on, Jessica!!

Knuckle Me:

This weeks Knuckle Me goes to Celebs. With all the horror that is happening in Haiti, Its so awesome to see how many celebs are ACTUALLY using their “celebrity” to help! If you havent texted “HAITI” to 90999, you should. It’s $10 that gets added to your cell phone bill. It goes to the Red Cross and doesnt require you to do anything else but text. And come on, its 10 bucks! It’s so little for us and will do so much for them. Ok, me stepping off of my soapbox. So, here’s to you celebs, KNUCKLE ME!!!!!!!!

Monday’s Morsels will be coming on Thursday! HEY! Dont roll your eyes at me! Better Late than Never! So, here’s a look at what I’m makin!

Turkey Meatloaf Muffins and Sweet Mashed Potatoes!!!

(recipe found here) photos and my review up tomorrow!

Hope y’all are having a great week!

Peace and Love,


3 thoughts on “What I’m Diggin Wednesday & Monday’s Morsels!! Double WhammY!

  1. I really liked the pictures. I’m going to try those meatloaf muffins, too. I can’t wait to try the new store. Maybe that’s what I’ll do tomorrow, if it’s not storming again.
    Love you bunches.

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