What I’m Diggin Wednesday

Hey y’all happy First Wednesday of Twenty Ten!!(that’s how I’ve affectionately decided to refer to this year, deal with it 🙂 Hope everyone is having a great first week of the year! I am recovering from a fall I took at my sister’s birthday dinner last night. Wanna know the crazy part? I was SOBER!! This(among several others) is the reason why I drink! I dont take falls when I’m drunk! Ok, except for at my friend Rene’s wedding…and Jake’s cousin’s wedding….but, in my defense, i was wearing a dress/skirt on both of those occasions, furthering my theory that this body ‘o’ mine was not made to be clothed in dresses. Just sayin. So, this week, what i’m diggin is a little different that past installments:

So, right now, I’m still not watching a whole lot of TV. My fave show of  ’09 had to be Glee! I am a Gleek! This is one of those shows I WILL watch over and over. I will own all the episodes and probably not grow tired of them anytime soon. (the last time I felt that way about a show, was a little ditty by the name of My So-Called Life, ever heard of it? Here’s a little nugget for you, if you click on the name of the show, it will take you to the magic that is Hulu, where you can watch ALL episodes of MSCL!! It is magical!! And you are welcome!!! Hooray for HULU!!!)

College Basketball! hell Yeah! I love me some college bball. It’s basically what I live for. I love this time of year. Being able to watch college basketball on tv almost everyday of the week is where its at! The rest of the year can suck it. Sorry rest of the year, but, it had to be said. My Kansas Jayhawks are lookin real strong and schoolin all kinds of fools!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk! I also watched the Fresno State Men’s team’s game last weekend. They pulled off a thriller against Boise State. Ahh…the smell of the game…the smell of sweaty men, beers, and nachos….ok, ewww. That sounded better in my head. But to put it in writing, it just sounds kinda yucky! If you arent into basketball I’m sorry i put you through that.  But, really, if you arent into basketball, im not worried about you anyway 🙂

The Blog that I’m super into right now is Joy the Baker I love her! She bakes, she blogs, she is awesome! Also, she makes me laugh. Not that that’s hard to do, I’m just sayin, extra points for getting me to chuckle when you’re talking baking! We could totally be friends in real life. You know, outside of the blogosphere, there is a WHOLE ‘nother world. I know, its mind boggling!

Three words:

Words. With. Friends. If you dont know what that is, google it, now.  I am addicted. My cousin, Lisa is addicted. My friend John is addicted. And, YOU will be addicted too. Dont believe me? Try it! Its available on Iphones and Blackberrys. If you dont have either of those…..i dont even know what to say to you….

Know what else I’m digging? It’s called the Virtual Console on the Wii, and, its awesome. Yesterday, I downloaded the Original Super Mario Bros. Since then, it has been an extreme effort to muster up the energy to do anything BUT play that game. I’ve been playing with my dad. It totally reminds me of being in 3rd grade and having him bring it home(along with Duck Hunt!! oh, AND the power pad!! remember that ish?!?) and then, not letting us play with it until HE saved the Princess!! Stinkin Dad!!!


Fuji Instax Instant Camera This camera looks soo cooL!! I think just having the camera around would make me slightly cooler! Instant cameras are making a comeback! Write that down! Even though polaroid gave up on them, Fuji is still making film for their line of instants. PS, the link for this camera will take you to one of my fave photo sites! Photojojo! They publish a twice weekly newsletter filled with really cool photo stuff. They are just overall really cool peeps. I can tell. Cuz im a cool peep maself. cool. cool. cool.


I know its cold. But I want ice cream. Cuz I’m a fat kid, and thats how we roll. We dont discriminate on the consumption of ice creamy goodness. We eat it year round baby!! This ice cream was made by Meghan at You’re Gonna Bake it After All. She makes really yummy stuff! She made this ice cream in a Cuisinart Ice Cream/Yogurt Maker. I didnt even know things like that existed. I thought all ice cream makers looked like the one we had at my house when i was little. It looked like a wooden bucket that could have doubled as something we washed our clothes in….if we were amish. But, since we werent, we just used it to make ice cream. Meghan makes me think maybe I can make this too. If only there werent a Coldstone right around the corner….

Knuckle Me: This weeks knuckle me goes to Twenty Ten!! Hell to the yeah!! A new decade!! Isnt this the decade where we are supposed to be flying around in cars and have really sweet robot maids named Rosie? Why the hell arent we there yet??!  I am so ready for The Jetsons life! Except for Judy, she doesnt have to be around in my Jetsons world. She was a little too bitchy for me. Anyway, I am so excited to see what this new decade has in store for all of us! And I hope it brings all of us all that we hope and wish for. I cant wait to see where we all are 10 years from now! Here’s to you twenty ten!

Peace and Love,



3 thoughts on “What I’m Diggin Wednesday

  1. 1. You crack my ass up.
    2. I’m a gleek.
    3. I don’t love college bball.
    4. But I do love you.
    5. I wish you were Amish and washed your clothes in an ice cream maker.
    6. But I’m glad you’re not.
    7. Let’s make that delish looking ice cream.
    8. Words with friends IS amazing.
    9. And addictive!
    10. What’s your name?

  2. Bring the recipes when u come and visit!! I’m still waiting 4 a rematch on WWF (words w/ friends not wrestling!!)
    Luv ya even when ur lemony!(:

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