Monday’s Morsels

I’m pretty sure my Christmas present to myself was an extra 10lbs. Yay me! Because of that, and because instead of writing this post today, I was busy eating Broccoli Cheddar Soup from Panera whilst playing Words with Friends (that game is like heroin! If you havent tried it, DONT DO IT!) and watching Golden Girls (Damn that Sofia was such a sparkplug!) instead of showing you a recipe from something I made. I’m going to tell you about what I plan on making this month, and other food related shiz. Recipe Girl has this really amazing challenge that started on Saturday called the 10 in 10 Healthy Challenge It’s basically a bunch of awesome blogger chicks (and men probably) who are taking the challenge to be healthy for the first 10 weeks of this year.  Recipe Girl’s site is really awesome! And now, she’s got almost 300 peeps joining this challenge! All of whom are blogging and or tweeting about it! I am trying to get on board with this challenge. And, in trying, here are some recipes I plan on making this month:

Speaking of Recipe Girl, how awesome does this chicken look?! And its healthy?! Yes please! (shout out to the broccoli! Hey Broc, i see you back there lookin all yummy and deelish!!) It’s her Chicken with Bacon and Cider Sauce She had me at Chicken!

What about this?!

This bowl ‘o heaven comes from The Pioneer Woman I’ve already confessed my love obsession for her, here. She makes livin on a ranch, cooler! Cuz, let’s be honest, livin on a ranch is pretty damn cool. I dont know how I’d ever make it, but she makes it look so glamorous! So, this is her, Simple, Hearty, White Chili. I dont even like “white” beans. But, this recipe made me want to eat some!

How about these?!

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts?!?! Um…ok! These are from Alice at Savory Sweet Life I recently started following her blog. She is pretty amazing! She has wonderful recipes along with gorgeous photos to match! I am starting to have a serious obsession with food photography…or maybe i’m just hungry! Probably both.

Ok, last one,

Better than Brownies Chocolate Cookies….anyone? anyone? These are from Brown Eyed Baker. I want these cookies. I need these cookies. And, i will make them…right after i finish eating this piece of pie. 🙂 Happy twenty ten y’all!

peace and love,



2 thoughts on “Monday’s Morsels

  1. OOOhhhhhh! I hadn’t heard of Recipe Girl’s blog! That chicken looks YUMMY! Let me know if it’s quick and easy to make!

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