New What What?

The very first day of 2010! Man, that is so crazy! So, rather than come on here and post a bunch of resolutions that you and I both know I will never stick to, im gonna keeps it reals! The main reason I am sharing this with y’all is I need some serious accountability. I give you full permission to call my ass out if I appear to be majorly dropping the ball in any of these areas! So, Here are the things I’m gonna try harder at this year, maestro!

1. I am gonna give the picture a day ANOTHER try. Last year I made it all the way to May. This year, I can feel it. I will be posting my pics a day on my tumblr blog. (Which, by the by, Tumblr is a super cool way to get into blogging if you havent ever tried it before! If you have any questions about tumblr, I am happy to help! It really is the coolest!!) This is the year it happens!
2. I will redevote myself to this blog and my vlog. Even if not a one peep watches or reads my profound wisdom 🙂 it really is theraputic! It gives my mind something to look forward to and keeps me on my toes! So, I will try to give you at least two posts a week on the blog, Monday’s Morsels and What I’m Diggin Wednesday. I will attempt to do a Janky Show a week for the year.
3. keep Sewing!! I want to keep pushing myself when it comes to my creative side. I know it sounds so old lady, but, I am sew in love with sewing! (you like that little play on words there, dontcha?!) I want to be able to sew my own hot mama outfit for some middle of the year trip which I have not yet planned..(Vegas anyone?) I have created an Etsy shop to sell all my handmade craziness! You should check it out…and then buy somethin!
4. Obviously, a “Hot Mama” outfit doesnt really work if you are still sporting the extra LBEEES  you piled on during the last year of total food over-indulgence! So, i just got a Wii, I will do the Wii Fit 3 times a week, AND I will drag my happy ass out of bed 5 days a week for a walk. My best friends wedding is in April. That gives me 3 months to step it up. Its now, or never.

So, there you have it! My life for the next year! Sprinkle in some school and work and that’s my 2010! What are you guys gonna try harder at this year? Maybe try harder at leaving a sister a comment here on her ‘lil old blog? Just sayin! 🙂 Hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years Eve, lets all try real hard to make 2010 kick some serious ass!

peace and love,


2 thoughts on “New What What?

  1. I’m gonna try harder to not say EVERYTHING that’s on my mind! And give more props and love to those (u included) who deserve it!!(:

  2. You should also invest in the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. It’s only 20 minutes, you do it everyday, and it kicks ass!! I’m gonna try to re-dedicate myself to my blog and I’ll take your advice and leave more comments on your blog/vlog just so you know I’m watching and loving it! 🙂

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