What I’m Diggin Wednesday, y’all

I’ve spent the last week, attempting to get ready for my craft boutique this weekend (have I mentioned that already? Look, its my first one…ever! I’m just really excited and so nervous I kinda gag a little when I think about it.  so, forgive me if I get a little verbal diarrhea when it comes to talking about it. K? Please and Thank Yous!! 🙂 Anyhoo, I’ve also been at the fair, learning my new gig. It is A LOT of info that I’m taking in in just 3 short days of training!! Yikes!! I love computer programs (and pretty much just being on computers in general), so, this job seems perfect for me!! I look forward to not having to deal with overreacting customers and having my “own” space! It’s definitely a step up! Plus, I get to learn EVERY SINGLE exhibit at the fair, so, if you were ever thinking about entering, anything, I’m your woman!!! Now, onto what i’m diggin!

Dallas Divas and Daughters This show is equal parts nauseating and hilarious. I mean, let’s be honest, no one really gives a shit about some southern bitches who got lucky by marrying rich(usually, horribly bad-looking) men. That’s the nauseating part. The fact that they actually think of themselves THAT highly and takes themselves THAT seriously, is the hilarious part!  Watch this show and get a good laugh! Laugh because we both know you nor I will EVER be that rich or EVER take ourselves THAT seriously! My stinkin godmother has me hooked on these ridiculous shows. My actual TV time has gone down quite a bit from what it used to be (which would be awesome, if my TiVo wasnt like, totally full now 😦 so, a little piece of me dies inside when I realize shows like this are sometimes the ONLY thing I watch in a night, but, se la vie!


Bliggity Blog of the Week-

Bakerella Straight up, This chick is my baking idol! The things she does with melted chocolate are amazing! she is an awesome photographer and graphic designer! I pretty much want to be her when I grow up! You have to check out her site! See what she did last week in honor of Sesame Street’s 40th!! Which leads me to….

Sesame Street– I cant believe they are 40!!! I was pretty much in love with Sesame Street AND the Muppets growing up. I loved me some Big Bird! And, Snuffleupagus?! Come on! It doesn’t get any better than that! These kids these days just dont know what they missed out on! I swear snuffy was high in some of those episodes!! Think about it, he had super red eyes…he was hungry, like, all the time!! He was a stoner..for sure! So, hear’s wishing a happy 40th to a show that helped mold me into the woman I am today! 🙂

Amazon’s 10th Anniversary Wish List Sweepstakes I debated whether or not I should share this gem with you, since it would lower my chances of winning anything (yes, i’m THAT greedy!) then I said, ahh, what the heck, I gotta give it up to What I’m Diggin! So, as amazing as Amazon is already, they’ve really stepped their game up for their 10th! Each week they are giving away RIDICULOUSLY awesome prizes! You have to click on that link (It’s the purple one, that says their name, cuzin!!!!) to see what this week’s prize is! If you hadn’t heard about this sweepstakes, they are doing 10 weeks of prize packages. This is week 7, with ” The Magic of Disney” prize package. It includes some pretty ridiculous stuff, like, you and 3 other peeps get to fly to Walt Disney World and stay 5 nights at the Animal Kingdom Lodge AND get a $2000 gift card for food and souvenirs!! I’m telling you, you MUST check out these prizes! They are insane!!! And, you’re welcome!!

WANT- Battle Studies Ok, truth be told I already bought this, but ” I want you to want it” “I need you to need it”…..what movie was this song in…anyone? anyone?? This is John Mayer’s new cd and I truly love me some John Mayer. I have seen him 4 times live. ( I only sometimes count the time I saw him at Jazzfest in New Orleans, since he was so shitfaced drunk I’m pretty sure he doesnt count it, and also because at least 3 times he said on stage and I quote with drunken slur ” I don’t remember the words”) I would REALLY like to see him again with his trio on December 29, in San Diego, but, that show is sold out, so I will have to settle for waiting until March to see him in San Jose. Any takers? Anyone?

Knuckle Me-Christmas- “Christmas, Christmas Time is here” I LOVE me some Christmas and not just because my birthday is 2 days after (ok, its A LOT because of that) I love being with family, the smell of pine trees, winter sweaters (and clothes in general), baking all the yummy goodies, wrapped presents under the tree. But most of all, I love gift giving! Ive been told I always over do it when it comes to buying gifts. I just am always so excited to get to give gifts to the people that matter in my life! I know I dont need a holiday to show the people I love how much I care for them, it’s just an added bonus!!! Yay for Christmas time!!! My favorite time of the year!!!

Peace and Love,





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