She’s Crafty…and she’s just my type!!!

So, the last few weeks have been mostly spent getting my craft on in preparation for a holiday craft boutique I’ll be at on Saturday!!!

holiday boutique

Also, over the weekend, I created a crocheted headband. I posted a picture of it on my facebook, and people really seemed to like it! So, rather than waiting til AFTER the boutique, which was my original plan, I decided to go ahead and set up my etsy shop for all my crafts and digital experiments! I am really amazing myself in photoshop! I am teaching myself so much! I even made my own banner for etsy, which was really fun! I took one of my own photos, added some texture, tweaked it a little, and added some text! I love me some photoshop!
Here is the banner,
etsy banner
And if you want to go see my shop (i only have 1 thing listed, for now!), it’s


That’s all for now peeps!

Peace and Love,



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