It’s BAAAAACK!!! (What I’m Diggin Wednesday)

Ok, so I’ve clearly lagged on my food review of the fair. Let me quickly wrap it up!! The food was ehhh. I mean, don’t get me wrong, some of the old standards didn’t disappoint i.e. Cinnamon Rolls, Corn Dogs, Cotton Candy…but where there was success, there was failure…HUGE failure!! What am I referring to??? ZucchiniWeenie….blech. I should explain that the day i decided to give it a shot, I was starved! So, I was really excited to devour this tasty creation! I gave them my $7 and brought the fried fabulousness back to my office. At first glance I realize….wait for it…I’m not gonna be able to eat this WHOLE thing! It’s FREAKIN HUGE!!! So, I decide to cut it in half. I grab my knife and begin cutting, the fried batter begins to fall off….It’s at this point I realize, the batter is not cooked all the way. I take a bite of the end (the batter looked cooked at that part) i bite into a  raw zucchini and a luke warm (at best) hot dog…ECCH!!!!!! I am so disappointed, I contemplate taking it back, but, its WAAAY on the otherside of the fairgrounds, and I’m hungry!!! FEED ME SEYMOUR!!! Defeated, I toss the ZucchiniWeenie (only after showing it to all the ladies in the office) and head out to the pizza and a soda booth. For only $4,  its probably one of the best deals of the fair!!! So, It’s a bit lackluster, but there it is…my food review of the fair…nutshell version..

Now, on to What I’m Diggin!!!

I am still getting used to being retired (AGAIN). I havent spent THAT much time watching TV. Which is weird…very weird! And kinda awesome! So, the first thing I’m digging is The Big Bang Theory I have been watching this show for quite awhile, but, have missed some of this season because of the Fair. I got to catch up on it with my dad, and I have to say, this shit is hilarious!! I don’t know how many people dig on this show, but, I can say I laugh out loud at least once, EVERY show! It is consistently funny (hey, its kinda like me!! 🙂 Go watch it, NOW!!! (well, after you read this blog post, duh!!!)

There are SO many blogs I’ve discovered over the last few months, so, each week I’ll highlight one of my faves!

The Pioneer Woman So, I am pretty much obsessed with this woman. Her name is Ree. She lives on a ranch. She cooks. She takes amazing photos. She homeschool’s her kids. She has gorgeous, red, luscious locks. She has awesome fashion sense. Her house is amazing. And now, she has a cookbook!! It’s like, just when you think awesome can’t get any awesomer (yes, I just made up that word,) it does!!! Ree is amazing and so is her site! Check it out! And I wouldn’t be mad at you if you wanted to buy me that sweet cookbook!!

Photoshop iphone App If you aren’t a friend of mine on facebook (you should be!!) you probably don’t know about my obsession with photoshop. Now, Adobe has an awesome app for your iphone. It’s very easy to use, even if you don’t own photoshop! The effects are basic but cool. Very cool! And, it’s free! Yay!!

Want: Mini Cheesecake Pan I am in love with these!!! I cant wait to start my holiday baking!!

Edibles: Speaking of cheesecake….Cheesecake in a jar Umm….yes please!!!!

Knuckle Me: This week’s knuckle me goes to…..drumroll…..Hobbies. Hobbies?! What is wrong with you janky? Well, now that i’m retired…again!!! I am in love with my hobbies. I pretty much have Crafting ADD. I am so obsessed with crafting. And am pretty much in love with my camera…seriously, i would make out with my camera if my slobber wouldnt mess up the lens…too much? So, thanks hobbies, for making life interesting!! Hooray Hobbies!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Peace and Love,



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