What I ate Weekly Wrap Up

So, its been just under a week since my last post. I am pretty much feeling like I live at the fair at this point. Me and the cows, we kick it. So, the main focus of this post is the food (or crap, as the case may be) I’ve consumed in the last week. Some of it oh-so-delicious, some of it, not so much.

as a side note, I’ve decided to throw in this little tale of  the adventure I had when I attempted to meet up with my friends at the Hammer concert (PS, I got them tickets in the second row!) I got off work just a little after 9 and headed to the Paul Paul Theatre. Usually we can walk through the gated off area with no problem if we flash our employee badge. I got to the scanner area and met up with our computer tech guy, Sid. We stood just outside of the main entrance and I caught the end of “We Got to Pray” I saw a flash of my girlfriends on the big screen and Sid  suggested I go in and find them. My reply?”But, I dont have a ticket”…..I should’ve known right then to trust my own, rule following instincts,rather than the anti-conformist coersion by Sid. “Its almost over and you’re already past the part where they scan your tickets…..Whats the worst that could happen?” Note to self, when the suggestion of an action/thought/idea is followed by the words, “Whats the worst that could happen” RUN, do not walk the other way!!! It was all down a hill of embarassment after that…..I walked through the main gate, no problem and spotted my girlfriends getting their Hammer on….no sooner had I greeted them with a hug and started to remove my camera bag ( i sling it sideways, like a tourist…in case that was a question you were asking yourself!!) when Capt. Dickhead was inches from me, shining a light in my face and demanding my ticket.  Him-“where’s your ticket?” Me- “Oh, I just came to say Hi to my friends. I just got off of work (I flashed him my badge) Him- “You cant be here without a ticket” Me- “OK……” I put my camera bag back on and gave my friends a sad face. I started to head out when Mr. Powertrip had to thrown in two more cents “Flashing your badge will get you in trouble” I gave him a sarcastic laugh and began my walk of shame…I just want to state for the record that I have NEVER tried to sneak in to ANYTHING, and didnt think I was doing it this time either…the funny part is, after I got back to the scanner area and was surrounded by “REAL” cops who could care less where I was standing, my boss walked by. I told her what had happened and she laughed and asked if I wanted a ticket. I told her the private security guy sort of took the fun out of getting my 2 legit 2 quit on…so, theres my little nugget of embarassment for you….go ahead, laugh! That one’s courtesy of me, being a jackass!!

So, chew on that for awhile….I’ll be back later with the food reviews!!

Peace and Love



One thought on “What I ate Weekly Wrap Up

  1. Wow! Kicked out of a Hammer concert??!!
    What’s next? Being pulled over during a COPS
    episode??!! Bad girl, bad girl whatcha gonna do?
    Watcha gonna do when they come for you??!!(:

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