What I Ate Wednesday

So, this week’s What I’m Diggin has been replaced by what I ate Wednesday….and I ate! Boy, did I eat!!! Let me preface my food review by explaining my highly involved rating system. If i were clever and/or had any free time other than me using “work time” to write this post, I may have some fancy corn dog graphic. Instead, you are stuck with me just telling you. Instead of stars, I’m giving all the food I review-1 to 5 corn dogs. 1 corn dog being the absolute worst. 5 corn dogs being fried food heaven!!! So, there you have it. My oh so complicated rating system. Now,  onto the food!!!!!!!!!

 Yesterday started with an old fair standard…corn dog! A couple of weeks ago, a lady bought some tickets and somehow we got on the subject of corn dogs (yeah, like me talking about corn dogs is a real surprise!! 🙂 ) Anyhoo, she starts telling me how most corn dogs these days are turkey dogs and hardly any people use 100% beef dogs…..so, fast forward to yesterday, my mom brings me a hot corn dog slathered with mustard and ketchup. I start salivating……I take a bite…and….its turkey 😦 wah wah waaaaaah!!! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am DOWN with the turkeyness. I love me some turkey….turkey bacon, turkey breast, I am down for a tripdifan induced coma any day, but, in a hot dog?? Much less a corn dog?? To that I say…Where’s the beef??? So, the first corn dog of the fair gets……2 corndogs……

Next, I tried an Indian Taco. For $7.50 a pop, you definitely get your deep fried yumminess worth! Its basically a meal for 2!! If you havent tried Indian Fry Bread….whats wrong with you?!?! Kiddding! I remember there used to be a joint by one of the dams ( I cant remember if it was Friant or Pine Flat) but, one of them used to have an indian taco place, so I’m a little partial to this fair delicacy because our love affair began years ago! For those of you that are ignorant to Indian Tacos…let me break it down. It starts with some sort of deep fried dough that is smeared with refried beans, on top of that they throw some seasoned ground beef, thats topped with some shredded cheddar, sprinkle some lettuce on top of that (maybe a couple tomatoes, if thats your thing…no comment on my tomato aversion) top that all off with a dollop of sour cream, and there you have it. In all its glory…an Indian Taco.  This old favorite did not disappoint! Indian taco- 4 corn dogs!!

Next up, I got a freebie. The really cute gelato guy brought me some…wait for it…cookies and cream gelato!!! At first I wondered if he was just offering the fat kid some ice cream cuz he knew it was a sure thing! Then i thought maybe he thought the way to my heart was offering me FREE gelato..then, we he said they had…wait for it….100 flavors, i thought, who cares what HE’S thinking  wheres that skinny man with my FREE gelato?!?! How dare he tease me!!! Then, he arrived with the little paper cup of heaven! Usually I stray away from food thats got fancy names. Mostly because, A: I always end up wearing SOME of what I eat and B: words like “caviar” and “gelato” just shouldnt be used in the same sentence as “i spillled blankity blank on my shirt” But, I decided to give this tasty concotion a try…mostly because it was free, and a little because a hot guy gave it to me (notice how he went from cute to hot?! yeah, it was THAT good!) This stuff was so amazingly delicious, I may have to switch my thinking on these FANCY foods! It was soo good! And it wasnt only because it was FREE (although, I’m sure that didn’t hurt) I will definitely be trying a few more flavors (cookie dough?! cappucino?!?) Congrats House of Gelato, your deelish gelato gets-5 corn dogs!! Yippee!

So that’s what went into my belly yesterday here at the Big Fresno Fair! I heard a little of Caitlin Crosby and Barenaked Ladies, but really, after 13 hours of work, all I wanted to hear was the sound of me waking myself up from sleeping with a loud snore!!

Peace and Love,


PS, if you are at the fair, and want to make fun of me sitting in my box office (cave) im right next to the kids pirate ship, in the administration office!!


2 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. U crack me up,who knew someone else had as much passion about the deep fried goodness as myself!!! The Indian taco Id the shiznit and I never leave the fair w/ out one but where’s the cinnamon roll luv?I will pay to park and get in Just to get my fix of that glorious goodness.ur making me hungry!!!!!!

  2. You crack me up!! So while you were getting wooed
    with free gelato did u get a number??!!
    FYI that’s how JC won me over, he brought me soft serve
    yogurt for a month before asking me out!(:

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