What I’m Diggin Wednesday

Hello party people! I am a day behind on this post! Life is about to get real crazy for the next 3 weeks! Seeing as I dont have another day off…..I will have to try to squeeze these posts in whenever I have an extra minute!!! Here’s what im diggin:

Community This show is hilarious. Even without Joel McHale it might still be funny….maybe. But, we dont have to imagine that world sans McHale since his dry, sarcasm is prevalent in this show! You should watch it…right now!!

How I Became  A Famous Novelist– I havent read this book yet. But, I just bought it on my Kindle. And, its next on my list. Heard an interview with the author and he’s hilarious!

The BIG Fresno Fair– Ask me in a week if I’m still “diggin” on this…but, as previously described, a girl CAN exist on fair food alone. I will miss spending throwing away all my hard earned money while consuming mass quantities of liquid deliciousness (a.k.a. overpriced beer) and running into people I didnt want to havent seen in a long time at the horseraces. But, in the end, I’m hoping my bulging wallet (and belly!) will make me the real winner (winner, chicken dinner)

WANT-Pink Hand Mixer I have been doing a buttload of baking (hah! I think i found the name for my cookbook!! 🙂 ) lately. I need a new hand mixer!! ok, i WANT a new hand mixer.

Edibles- Sea Salt I am pretty obsessed with flavored salts lately. Since the Goddess Martha was on the Today Show last week talking about all the different kinds of salts, I am on a salt binge! You’d be amazed at all the different kinds of salt there are!! Yay Salt!!!

Knuckle Me- This weeks Knuckle Me recipient is “Old Friends”. I know. I know. I am a cheeseball. But, cheeseballs, are delicious!!! When I was young, I thought the friends I had would be my friends forever. Over the years I’ve seen friends come and go. Some I’ve really been sad about losing touch with, others, well, you can probably guess. The “old friends”, the one’s that know you…inside and out….have seen you go through some shit, and have been right there with you to hold your hand….and/or your cocktail, as the case may be…they’ve seen you at your lowest of lows and highest of highs…they’ve seen you do your ugly cry ( you know, the Oprah cry?!!) and they’re still proud to call you a friend! You know who you are , you old friends out there, and to you all I say “KNUCKLE MEEEEEE!!!”

Second place Knuckle Me goes to Fall- Thanks for showing up Fall, even if you were “tardy to the party”!!!(Housewives of Atlanta….anyone…anyone???)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!

Peace and Love,



2 thoughts on “What I’m Diggin Wednesday

  1. Ur thought are very insightful and quite hilarious actually(not that I’m surprised). I especially appreciated ur comments on old friends.u are right on sista!just wanted u to know I’m enjoying the blog. Keep up the good work mama!

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