Meal Plan Monday–Sept.28-Oct.3

Man! Last week FLEW by!!! We made all but one of our meals. So, I added it to this week (Chicken Parm) I cant believe that I’ve worked the last 7 days in a row! That’s like, grown up kinda work. Like, a big kid job! I have a day off tomorrow. Well, “technically” its a day off. But here’s whats on my to do list for tomorrow-Laundry, Cupcakes, 2 tutus (heheh thats funny!), sewing, Halloween Headbands, Dinner, time to relax! Some kind of day off, huh!!   My day off will be  Followed by 20….yes, 20 days of work….in a row! I’m not certain, but I’m thinkin I may be regretting this whole fair thing in say, two weeks from now….We’ll see…..I’m sure it’s nothing a corn dog..and funnel cake..and cinnamon roll..and soft rolled taco….cant fix!!….I wonder if its possible to overdose on fair food….I’m wonderin if that is my new mission….to attempt to OD on fried food…..I’m thinkin its gonna happen!! The attempt, I mean! So, yeah, here’s this week’s meal plan! For a TON of awesome meal plans check out

Monday- Marinated Tri-Tip, Smashed Potatoes, Grilled Asparagus

Tuesday-Carne Asada Tacos, Fideo (Mexican pasta in a tomato sauce…my fave!!!)*

Wednesday-Chicken Parmesan

Thursday- Chicken Ravioli with Pesto-Green Salad

Friday-New Teppenyaki Place (yum!)

Saturday-Dinner at Mom’s (i should probably tell her….hmmm…)

*Tempting Tuesday-Blondies

Recipes for the rest of the week and the yummy brownies will be posted in the coming days!

Yesterday, I was reminded of how short our time on this Earth is, and how quickly it comes to and end. I know I’ve said it before, but, I make a concerted effort to tell the important people in my life just how much they mean to me, because, you never know when it may be the last time you speak to them! So, if you havent today, give the ones you love, some love!  It’s funny, sometimes we think because we care and appreciate certain people in our lives, we don’t have to tell them just how much we care. But, I’ve found, sometimes people really have no idea how much they mean to you. I’ve also found that, whether it comes from friends, family, or special someones in my life, that feeling, of being told you are loved, NEVER gets old….NEVER.

Peace and Love,


3 thoughts on “Meal Plan Monday–Sept.28-Oct.3

  1. what do you marinate your tri-tip in? and how do you cook it? I likes to marinate mine with a 40 oz bottle of beer – 1 for the tri-tip and one for me haha. Like Fabolous says,”Just throw it in the bag…” then I like to throw in on the grill tIL about medium rare and its finger likin good. You can add some onion, cilantro and lemon to the bag and this really kicks up the flavor – FLAVOR FLAV!!!! check it out..

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