What I’m digging Wednesday

This is the first in a weekly series of shiggity I’m diggin…dig??

Glee-This is my absolute FAVE new show! I have been waiting since May, when i was teased with a measely 30 minutes, for it’s triumphant return!! It has not disappointed! Last week’s episode featured grown ass men singing Bel Biv Devoe…how could you not love that?! Seriously!! If you havent seen it…you suck. Kidding! Check it out here!!

Orgjunkie– This website has given me tons of great recipes! It’s also helped with my attempt to get organized, starting with my weekly meal plan!  Check it out!!!

David Gray- new album…..’nuff said.

The Accidental Billionaires– This book is written by Ben Mezrich. (the guy who wrote the book about the MIT kids who owned Vegas with their crazy card counting Blackjack ring! The book was adapted to the movie “21”) I love Ben Mezrich. His writing style reminds me alot of myself. His books are such easy reads. He tells such captivating stories! This story is about the founders of Facebook. The movie adaptation for this book has already begun! Justin Timberlake has been cast to play the role of the co-founder of Napster! Gee…I wonder if I’ll go see this movie…..hmmmm! 🙂

Creative Tech’s Photoshop Class– This website is amazing! They are offering a FREE 6MONTH class on Photoshop!!!! SO AWESOME!! I am learning so much in this class!! Did i mention its FREE??? I really cant get over that fact! Nothing about Photoshop is ever free!!!

WANT- This is the part where I post somethin nifty that I really want. And, i post a link to it, just in case someone out there really loves me and wants to get it for me. (wink, wink)—-Ikaraoke A karaoke microphone that attaches to your ipod?!? So awesome!!

Edibles—Pepperidge Farms Chocolate Goldfish!! (my sis turned me on to these….she gave me the package to try….i ate the whole thing….imagine that….;) U should try these!!

Knuckle Me of the Week-Each week i’ll give out some daps to someone who deserves it…since we already know I deserve one, I’ll pick someone else! This weeks Knuckle me—-John Gruden!! Hallelujah!! Monday Night Football is actually viewable with the sound ON now that Gruden is a part of the action. He actually has RELEVANT, INTELLIGENT things to say! Way to go Gruden! KNUCKLE ME!!!!

So, thats what im digging this week!! Leave a comment and tell me what you’re digging on! Or, tell me how crappy my list is!! 🙂 Happy Hump Day y’all!

Peace and Love,



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