Man, the weekend flys when you’re busy doing shit you hadnt planned on doing!! Today I am attempting a meal plan  and a “me” plan, for the week! Yesterday I had a plan for the day…then my girlfriend Shirley called and invited me to check out Clovisfest. There went my plan for the day!!

——Clovisfest was not what it used to be! I realize we are in the midst of a recession, and my memory of it  may have been glamorized by my childhood perspective (everything seemed so much more glamorous when we were young!). The whole event seemed so magical. My mom would drag me and my sister out of bed  BEFORE the crack of dawn! She would have our thermos of hot chocolate ready to go! We’d load up into the Blazer, and drive through the darkness. As we pulled up to what used to be an empty field just behind Sierra Vista Mall,we’d be greeted by the sea of inflating hot air balloons! We’d shiver our way to the middle of the empty field and watch as the balloons began their ascent. Slowly, they lifted off of the dew filled grass.  The fire of the balloons lit up a purple sky. My awe at the beauty of it all was shortlived as I got distracted by watching my breath in the chilly fall air. As the sun rose, the balloons drifted off out of sight. I think they still do the balloon part of it, im not sure. I just know that the walk down the streets of Old Town Clovis in the 100 degree weather, doesnt compare to the early memories I have of this event. I wanted to purchase a booth this year to sell my crafts. Thank God I didnt!!! Granted we were walking around at noon on a Sunday, but still! I was less than impressed by the majority of the vendors. There were  considerably less vendors than I’ve seen in recent years. But, the dead giveaway of a failed festival in Old Town Clovis? Not a SINGLE SOUL in the Beer Garden!! Not one!!! I mean, it was past noon! That means its definitely beer thirty!!!! Needless to say, Shirley and I enjoyed our walk (minus the sweat, that is NEVER enjoyable!)  together!—-

Which brings me back to my “plan” for yesterday that was thrown out the window once my friend called. My dad always tells me I dont know how to say “no” to social invitations…he’s right ( i know dad, “as usual”!! 🙂 So, along with my meal plan, I will be making my own “me” plan. A list of the things I will get done everyday. I will get those things listed done, BEFORE i will accept any invites to do other things. Again, probably sounds so simple, but, along the same lines of  the cleaning system, I also lack time management and organization. (Man, Im quite a catch, arent I?!?!?!) So, I need to take baby steps when it comes to my daily plan. Well, I need to HAVE a daily plan to start with! So, with the help of my trusty iphone,  I will be attempting to complete each of my daily plans!! God Bless the iphone!!!  Today I will be crafting, baking cookies and making dinner (well, part of dinner!)  I’ve decided to join a group of almost 400 bloggers who post their weekly meal plan’s here. Here’s MY meal plan for the week!!


Monday- Grilled Porkchops and Green Beans with Mac and Cheese ( EEEK!!! I cant wait to try this recipe!I am eternally on a quest  for the perfect mac and cheese!!)

Tuesday-Maple Glazed Salmon with Mashed Potatoes and Steamed Broccoli

Wednesday- Tacos with Spanish Rice and Salad (My nina likes to make tacos once a week! What a huge bummer for me 🙂 )

Thursday- Baked Chicken Parmesan


I will post pics of my crafting later today! Hope everyone has a wonderful AND productive monday!!

Peace and Love,


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