Oh September…..

Wow. I totally forgot about this blog….what with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr….is it possible to drown yourself in social networking???? If it is, im there!! With all that other shiggity going on, i’ve decided to devote this blog to my daily musings. I am going to recommit to this blog. I have alot to say. What doesnt get said on twitter and fbook, will be spoken here!
Catching up:

Currently, I am employed at the Big Fresno Fair! (In approx 3.5 weeks, I will literally be living with fair food at my disposal….that is both an exciting and frightening fact. This fat kid CAN NOT resist fair food! I should be LIVING at the gym right now, just to prepare my body for the deep fried goodness its about to endure!) My job will be over shortly after the fair. At which point I will focus on cupcakes and crafting until the Spring semester starts. It’s time for this girl to finish school!!! I have quite a bit left, but, for once in my life, i am determined. Determined to stay focused. Determined to follow through! Determined!
Yesterday I ventured out to the Fresno State game. To say it was hot would be an extreme understatement. Sitting out in that heat has now prepared me for a life in the bowels of hell. Should I ever happen by. I went to the game with my Nina. (thats godmother for all you non spanish speakers! I am living with my godmother. She has maintained a strong prescence throughout my life. Now, we are roomies!) We got to the tailgate at 2PM!!!! I have never been out there that early, but damn, it was a good time! I spent the afternoon with an icepack on my head and a margarita in hand! My Nina and her friends are great times! We ventured into the game shortly after kickoff. It was an ok game! One of the reasons i love football is that its such an emotional ride! I get happy. I get mad. I get frustrated. I get hopeful. Weird. It’s just like a relationship…..hmmmm This relationship ended badly! I left the game disappointed to say the least. They put up a fight. I will give them that. They just didnt have the knockout punch they need to win games like last night. Its weird, just like relationships, after all these years, and all these disappointments, I still remain hopeful….


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